Meet Out Staff

Empire Landscape, LLC was established in December 2005 joining the experience, education and energy of three career environmental restoration professionals; Lynette Scaffidi, Eric Goodrich, and Bill Dowling.

Lynette Scaffidi was retiring from a career with Montgomery County Parks where she worked as a Park Naturalist leading interpretative hikes and camps about local native plants, wildlife and aquatic ecosystems. Through the years, she sadly observed the demise of these native ecosystems due to the influx and overgrowth of invasive species, degradation of water quality and the over-browsing of White-tailed deer. These observations lead Lynette to spend her final years with the Parks as a Natural Resources Manager working with invasive species management and reforestation programs in local parks.

Eric Goodrich has worked in the industry for 20 years overseeing reforestation, wetland, and stream restoration planting and stabilization projects. In the 20 years after college, Eric worked as a laborer, foreman, purchaser, estimator, production manager and division manager. During this time, Eric developed installation and management protocols that ensure high plant survivability while following diverse, detailed specifications and protecting the surrounding natural ecosystems. This included the management of multidisciplinary techniques such as soil bioengineering and recovery and transplant of native plant sod in riparian corridors.

Bill Dowling has worked in the industry for 25 years in sales and as an estimator for landscape and environmental restoration companies. Bill’s education and field experience running landscape and restoration projects, along with his ability to estimate and streamline an installation process, makes him a leading manager with a sound understanding of what is needed to complete a successful environmental restoration project.

The three owners, all born in the “Empire State” of New York, joined together on this journey to establish and build Empire Landscape, LLC. Initially, Empire installed all types of landscape and hardscape projects with both residential and commercial owners. Gradually, the company moved back to their roots, installing and maintaining environmental restoration planting projects using sound natural resource management techniques.

Together the three owners form a strong and sturdy tripod to produce a trustworthy, growing MBE restoration planting company. All three owners are intimately involved in the day to day operations of the company and are surrounded and supported by hard-working, intuitive, intelligent, knowledgeable, and skilled employees that form the Empire Team! Our Team works jointly, in a family friendly environment, to efficiently complete smart, safe, high-quality workmanship. Our processes deliver a high-level of responsiveness and professionalism to all our clients. Empire’s team works to develop strong relationships with the prime contractors allowing the contractor to focus on their task, knowing that their subcontract work will be completed per specs, safely and on-schedule.